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September 15, 2007


Julie Brooks

I love Joy Williams!! We had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago. She was so sweet! She sat there and talked with all the young girls and signed autographs. Very nice girl!


Diana's great, and Love Scenes is one of my favorite CDs. I got to meet her after a concert in Rhode Island a few months ago, and she's really nice and down-to-earth.

Hope you caught her in concert during her tour this summer...

Todd Verch

LOL what happened to Earth Wind and Fire!
Good to see your success!
Was surfing the internet during class and looked you up.
Nice Photos!

Barbara D'Amora

Hi Allison
we met at Creative Escape and i told you about my Crop for Autism here in March 08 in NY. Please tell me where i can email you some info off the blog..thanks so much!! We moms must stick together!!
Happy New Year..LOVE your work!!!

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