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September 07, 2007



Whoa, I was right on the Thomas Newman trail but if it's not on iTunes, no wonder! American Beauty is one of my favorites of his and I thought I heard a hint of his signature style towards the end. So nice-Thank You!


we love Thomas Newman. My girls do winterguard (in case you're not sure what that is like alot of people don't-that's like colorguard but only it's performed indoors with more dancing) and the show they performed last year was to the music of Thomas Newman from the Finding Nemo soundtrack-just the instrumental music though. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to have to go pick up that CD.


hi allison!

LOVED your speech at Creative Escape---so very inspiring!! thank you!

i want to know the name/artist of the song you used in your slide show. it was so moving, and i can really associate songs/pictures.


Peggy Lucas

You should get some referral payments from Thomas Newman... wow! I did a search on ITunes and he's a prolific composer, that's for sure. I ordered 5 tunes there, especially the American Beauty score. Then hopped over to Amazon and order the MJB cd. I read Jeanette's blog and found out you wrote a book called Expressions so I had to reopen my AZ order and add it! And then I realized, I could just leave your site open 24/7 and listen to the tunes - save some cash. Oh well, not this time!

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