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June 02, 2008


Diana Dellos

Allison, I LOVED this!!!! Talk about "emotion", it had me choked up the whole time and I don't even know this family. Thanks for sharing. This video and these shots ROCK!
Wonderful job!


you are a TOTAL rockstar my friend! this was beyond awesome!

laura t.

loved it - I'm taking your online BPS class and this is another invaluable teaching tool...and you posted it on my bday...a little extra gift for me! thanks for sharing.


I loved the video. Thanks for posting that. As an amateur, I try to soak up as much as I can by watching other photographers interact and engage the models which I don't get to see that by just a photo. This helps me see how you brought out those emotions between the family in the photos. Thanks.

Alison Beachem

I already told you but this was incredible. You did an awesome shoot and so did your videographer! So cool


Allison!!! This is by far the coolest thing I have seen this year! I love your work...you are amazing! The Linton's have grown sooo much! Hope Jen and you are doing well!


Such a cool video!It was so great to see "behind the scenes" of how you work...Thank you.


I'm one of your students at BPS...and I'm absolutely LOVING it! Your work is so inspiring and this video is beyond COOL! :) I loved seeing and hearing you "in action". Kind of brings it all together. I have learned so much in your class...THANK YOU!!!


Loved this Allison. YOU R THE QUEEN!! What an amazing video and photo shoot. You made it look so easy. Thank You.


You rock, girlfriend - this was awesome!!


WOW!!!!!!!That was extra-eamily awesome!!!! Not even kidding you!! your photos are so dreamy they make me love people I don't even know!!!


WONDERFUL WORK! Beautiful and inspiring art! I was fortunate to be able to see and hear you at creative escapes last year! I love my photography more than my scrapbooking. I have been checking in with you ever since! Keep up the good work! I would love to be your shadow one day!... a dream of mine!

Ellen Simmons

Allison--I have watched this several times and it gives me goosebumps each time! Check your spam area for a personal email from me.

tena Sprenger

hey allison..... amazing....i love what you do. Jen and her family are so darn gorgeous! say hi to her for me.tena


I don't know you, but I love your shots!!!! Found your blog through a friend!!! You are amazing!!! I loved this video...makes me wish you lived in Denver.

Tava Udall

Allison...you simply AMAZE me...your work is just incredible...when I grow up can I be just like You...:)


how fun was that...i'm totally amazed, impressed, inspired.

Carolyn Hall

Wow!!! Amazing stuff, amazing shots, amazing emotion. First time viewer of your site through BPS. Sometimes I so wished I lived on the west coast.

Karen T

That was awesome, and fun! Creative presentation of the creative process


Love. It.


Really great stuff, Allison! I'm also in your BPS class and totally agree how wonderful it is to actually get to see you in action in addition to looking at your images. One of the things I find hardest in photography is knowing exactly how to interact with my subjects, especially if I don't know them well, so this little peek into your creative process was really helpful. Just love some of the shots you captured!

Nancy May

LOVED the video, amazing! It was great to see some behind the sceens video. I would love to see more!


Two words....awe some!

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