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January 22, 2009



allison...i'm crying! my God bless those amazing people for giving probably the largest gift to one of the sweetest people in my life...my keaton! where has the time gone...now i'm a baby crying for the total elation my sweet keeters felt during this event! thanks for sharing this incredibly story! AND...don't forget YOU are as well an incredibly person that deserves NOTHING but kindness back to you and your children! i love you all!

Allison  Tyler Jones

Awww--Tami---so good to hear from you! How's the baby? We've been thinking about you over here!

Melanie Sikma

How fabulous Allison. It looks like he had so much fun! What a great experience. You are such
a great person you deserve a great client like this who takes care of you....

Glad to see you blogging!!!!


Awwww! You made me cry!

People can be so wonderful sometimes! Thanks for the reminder!


As the mom of Jonathan, age 20, who has autism AND MR and Fragile X...I must tell you: that photo of him in his Rafiki get-up totally made my day. I love seeing that! It just made me super giggly on the inside.

My son is like that with shoes that have velcro and Sid the Science Kid on PBS....


Thanks Suzanne--yes, it's really so cute and endearing. Velcro huh? I can totally see that!!!


Great story! It's good to hear about good people like that. Love the slide show, he's changed so much since I remember him. Beautiful family, you are so blessed!

Diana Dellos

I LOVE this story! We do have amazing people in this world, don't we? : )


WOW! okay I love keaton's attention to detail. I mean he even has the nails! love you - p


Oh what a wonderful, wonderful thing!!!

Erin T.

What an amazing experience! Hope you are doing well.

Kelly Conry

This all brings tears to my eyes! It is big as a wedding day..so to speak! See you soon. xo. K.

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